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For that extra thrill of online gaming, why not try out live games at the casino online? There is a world of difference between playing live casino games and standard online casino games, and it is more than just the gorgeous croupiers, elegantly dressed in black evening dresses, who deal the cards and spin the roulette wheels - though of course they also add a little piquancy to the while experience. Playing online live dealer games is as close as it gets to playing at a real casino without actually visiting one.

At online casino you will find three live dealer games. These are roulette, blackjack and baccarat. At the casino you will find two types of roulette listed, roulette and diagonal roulette. You might think that diagonal roulette is a different version of the game, but in fact it is the same game of European roulette bet with a different viewing angle that many people prefer.

Blackjack is exactly the same as conventional blackjack and not only do you get to interact with the dealer, you can also interact with the other players on your table. You can also see how they play and adjust your technique accordingly. If you are a basic strategy player then you might find it interesting to note that not many other players are. You could even try your hand at card counting, but as the shoe is reshuffled after around half of the cards have been dealt - it is rather challenging.

You also get the chance to rub (virtual) shoulders with some high roller players, especially if you enjoy live baccarat. Many people find the rather complex rules of this game more than a little intimidating, but really once you understand what is happening playing it is very easy. And if you ever do have problems, all you need do is ask the croupier who will be more than pleased to help you.



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