Know the Craps Secrets and Craps Tips

Are you a crap player? Are you finding the best tops of plying craps? I am describing my best experienced tips at this page. Craps is one of the casino games and the output of this game is also dependent on the lady luck. I have practical and effective experience which will help you in winning the craps.

Craps tip: 1

Place your bets with your expected return:

  • Avoid Pass Bets and place the Pass Line Bets
  • Try to place maximum acceptable Odds bets
  • Avoid Come Bets and you should make Come
  • With the support of point rolls of the Come or Don't Come bets should be maximized
  • Try to bet on the number 6 to 8
  • Read the page with the strategy of best bets craps

Craps tip: 2

Be conscious in spending money at betting systems or at craps systems

You should not bet on the house edge at long run basis. The betting system will also not permit you betting at long run. Placing bet is really the source of amazing fun but you should remember that you will not be winner at craps table. All the outcome of the game depends on luck. When you are interested with the system then you are suggested to visit the 'Gambling System' section.

Craps tip: 3

Target the largest Odds bets at the craps tables

Odds bets are specialized symbol of true odds. Some casinos will suggest you to be behind the even bigger odds. When you are offered by a casino for betting behind the 5x odds then it will be great for you. The 5x odds defines that you are illegible to place your bet which is 5 times of the line bet. You will get more specific information at my page named 'odds bet' part.

Craps tip: 4

Avoid taking advice from the other craps players

Generally it is not better taking advice from the other players of the craps. There are many players who haven't enough effective knowledge in calculating the odds. There are some craps players who will suggest you to bet at the worst possible on the craps table. You will loss if you follow that suggestion. The players make same bets on craps table in different ways.

Big6 bet offers the house edge at 9.09% which is the fools bet. You will get some players placing wagers on the Big6 and that is surprising scene. Placing bet at 6 is approximately same with placing bet at Big 6 but the single difference is that bet 6 has only house advantage of 1.52%. If you want getting advice betting on Big6 from craps players then it may not beneficial for you.

Craps tip: 5

Craps players become superstitious

Craps players become superstitious when playing the game. You should avoid doing anything which might be treated as the result of unlucky. Suppose, don't define a number which may be responsible for losing at the table. If you are male then you shouldn't tell them that you are playing for the first time in playing craps. The Male craps-virgins are considered to be unlucky and female-craps 'virgins' are considered the tool of bringing luck at the table. This tradition is not extended at all casinos. You should leave other craps players when you are going to play craps mobile casino slots.



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