Know the wheel roulette

Roulette is the kind of game meaning /small wheel and game in which you can bet just by choosing red or black color, any number on the field or simply combining the number and color. Choosing the best online roulette games it is better to know beforehand which casino to play. And we can help you to choose casino you would prefere most.

Roulette in action

In order to show the winning figure and color ball must be spin the opposite way round a rack and to land down on one of either 37 European Roulette Number or 38 fields in American Roulette.

Wheel and numbers

Red and black are main colors in Roulette and the main numbers at the wheel are from 1 to 36. Also there is a green color slot field numbered with 0 or 00, if the ball lends on these green fields each bet belongs to the Casino. American roulette seems to bring larger possibility for player to lose the game than the European.


Rules are simple in this game. you may bet on the number, color, range of numbers but the fact is that your chance to win the game are lower if you bet on red or black(1/1) but if you bet on single number your chances to win the game are better.

Inside bets + straight up, street...

These are actually lottery bets that can make you win or loose much money but the odds are not on your side. Term such as straight up means that you put the chip (money) on the middle at a number square. The Split means that you have to place your bet in between two numbers. At the other hand there are terms like "street" that require the chip placed on edge of the line number at the end line. "Corner" means bet on horizontal or vertical intersection. Different roulette tips can help you to figure out a lot of questions about roulette.

Outside bets

In this kind of bet payoffs are less worth than in inside bets but odds of winning are much better.

1 to 18 place and follow the bet from 1 to 18.

From 19 to 36, place your bet and hope that the ball will end up somewhere among these numbers.

Red or black: this are not hard but the chances are 50/50 to win the game because all you need to do is to follow the ball.



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