Blackjack rules

Blackjack or you can simply say 21. Blackjack rules imply that you have to have cards less or total 21, but no more than 21 in counting. Keep your hand less than 21 or else you lose. There are certain blackjack rules to respect in playing.

If there are eight or six decks in game cards are deal face up except the first card of dealer. No matter the dealing rule (cards face up or face down) is there is any misunderstandings feel free to show your cards and ask questions, and if you are new to game try to introduce yourself with the game. Blackjack rules ignore suits and count just the value of the cards. Cards like 10, Jack, Queen, King value 10, which mean that if your hand worth 5+ Jack it means that the gathered value is 15. An Ace is special in a way that it has two values, depending on other cards. If you have cards such as 5+8+an Ace than you count an Ace like 1 because if you count it like 11 you will find that the total is 5+8+11=24. This is more than your goal of total 21, but if you count it like 1 you will end up in 5+8+1=14 less than 21. This might not be the best score but it will not lead to losing the game, it will lead to busting. If you are busted you lose no matter the dealer's cards.

"Soft" & "hard" total

Soft total mean that an Ace appears to be useful in both ways described. If your hand worth 10+6+an Ace=10+6+1=17 it means you are the owner of the "hard" total, and on the other hand 4+2+11 (an Ace) =17 again. You reached the value less than 21 , there is no chance to be busted.

Blackjack rules in dealing (Europe/ Australia)

The dealer's left is the starting position. He or she deals clock-wise round the table, providing one card to each player(1st pass) and his card goes face down. On the 2nd pass the dealer provide one more card for players along with his card that goes face up. In "European No Hole Card Rule" card are deal face up, the players are not allowed to touch cards and they have to hold their hands over the table. Dealing goes in standard left and even some of blackjack rules seem strict and strange in this way there less chance to cheat the casinos.

Thing is you play against the dealer who also must respect blackjack rules such as "hitting" and taking cards to reach 17 or higher (soft 17) and less frequent rule where the dealer keep his hand less than 17. We advice you to get familiar with blackjack tips, which can make your game more successful.



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